He pushed back his table and walked quickly through the entrance without acknowledging the good-nights of the maître d’hôtel and the doorman. Suddenly the note to Vesper seemed odd to him. It was not the way Mathis would do things. He would have asked them both to join him at the bar of the Casino or he would have joined them in the night-club, whatever his clothes. They would have laughed together and Mathis would have been excited. He had much to tell Bond, more than Bond had to tell him. The arrest of the Bulgarian, who had probably talked some more; the chase after the man with the stick; Le Chiffre’s movements when he left the Casino. At four o’clock Bond was about to call for the bill when the maître d’hôtel appeared at their table and inquired for Miss Lynd. He handed her a note which she took and read hastily. The entrance to the Roi Galant was a seven-foot golden picture-frame which had once, perhaps, enclosed the vast portrait of a noble European.

Well, I suddenly thought he might be right. Your life has been saved twice in one day. But you can tell your organization that SMERSH is only merciful by chance or by mistake. In your case you were saved first by chance and now by mistake, for I should have had orders to kill any foreign spies who were hanging round this traitor like flies round a dog’s mess. The tall back of the chair looked impassively out across the dead body in its arms. So that was the score, thought Bond, with a final sinking of the heart. The ‘unknown destination’ would be under the ground or under the sea, or perhaps, more simply, under the crashed Bentley. Well, if he had to die anyway, he might as well try it the hard way. He had no hope that Mathis or Leiter would get to him in time, but at least there was a chance that they would catch up with Le Chiffre before he could get away. It was a choice of evils, but the longer Le Chiffre continued the torture the more likely he would be revenged. He looked Bond carefully, almost caressingly, in the eyes. Then his wrists sprang suddenly upwards on his knee.

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As he was urged out of the car with a sharp crack in the ribs from the thin man’s elbow, he knew that Le Chiffre could have them both to himself, undisturbed, for several hours. But, Bond reflected, it would admirably serve Le Chiffre’s purpose this morning, if he was right in assuming what that was to be. They had passed no other house since his capture and from his reconnaissance of the day before he knew there was only an occasional farm for several miles to the south. Again he reflected on the efficiency of these people and the ingenuity of the equipment they used.

In the sultry heat of Jamaica, 007 infiltrates his target’s criminal cooperative – only to find that Scaramanga’s bullets are laced with snake venom. When the end comes, every shot will count. He sat on the edge of his bed and gazed out of the window at the peaceful sea. It was addressed simply in a large round hand ‘Pour Lui’. When he finally rose and bent to smooth back her hair and finally kiss her eyes and her mouth good night, she reached out and turned on the light. She looked at him and suddenly her eyes were full of tears. She found a handkerchief in her bag and dabbed at them. He led her to the bed and drew her down beside him.

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The crash is so spectacular in the film that even casual viewers will enjoy learning how it was achieved. Their propaganda for James Bond 007 had gone on long enough. In order to sway public opinion away from 007 of the British Secret Service, it was imperative that SMERSH take over their podcast, The James Bond Complex, and use its hosts to serve our own needs. When Simon Vance’s recordings of the original Bond novels started dropping out of sight, I was annoyed. Assuming they’d always be there, I never bothered to collect them all. At last, my prayers have been answered, and wouldn’t you know, I had to hunt for them. The first of the 14 books by Ian Fleming, it introduces the gamut of Bond’s characteristics – drinking, smoking, outsmarting the enemies, enjoying female companionship, and rebelling against the authorities. Here, Ian Fleming displays his superb abilities of storytelling, and class. What do you get when you pair literary classics with expert narrative talents? A listening experience like none other. Enjoy your favourite titles brought to you by top A list actors and actresses. From expert narration to full-cast readings, these celebrity Audible titles pull out all the stops.