Yi T W, Levin A, Bevilacqua M, Canney M. Aprovincial survey of the contemporary management of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Canadian J Kidney Health Dis September 2020. Several misconceptions on fertility preservation and pregnancy-related issues in breast cancer patients persist even among physicians directly involved in breast cancer care. Focused research efforts to address these issues in BRCA-mutated breast cancer patients and education to improve physicians’ knowledge and adherence to available guidelines are urgently needed. Al Khan, S, De Badyn, MH, Yakimec, J, Shalansky, K, Pal, J, Cheng, K, Jastrzebski, J. Measurement of reticulocyte hemoglobin parameter on Sysmex XE 2100 in hemodialysis patients on erythropoietin stimulating agent in tertiary care hospital. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology, 35, 39-39. Forzley B, Chiu H, Djurdjev O, Carson R, Hargrove G, Martinusen, D, Karim M. A survey of Canadian nephrologists assessing prognostication in end-stage renal disease. Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease. This study explored the knowledge, attitudes and practice of physicians towards fertility and pregnancy-related issues in young BRCA-mutated breast cancer patients. Gill J, Dong J, Gill J. Population income and longitudinal trends in living kidney donation in the United States. J Am Soc Nephrol. Levin A, Lim S K, Mahaffey K W, Neal B, Pollock C, Rosenthal N, Wheeler D C, Zhang H, Zinman B, Perkovic V, Heerspink H J L. Kidney International 2020. Provincial Health Services Authority improves the health of British Columbians by seeking province-wide solutions to specialized health care needs in collaboration with BC health authorities and other partners. Physicians attending two international breast cancer conferences completed a 26-item questionnaire exploring fertility preservation, pregnancy during or after breast cancer. A statistical comparison was carried out of the responses exploring the same issues in young breast cancer patients overall or specifically in those with BRCA mutations. When a powerful weapon called the Aurora Box gives mutants Bluefur, Bigs and new dream-eating monster Dream Snatcher one hundred times their normal strength, it’s up to Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia and Jake to stop their destructive rampage! And when evil robots Metal Alice and Rotox attack, the Power Rangers must rely on Robo Knight and new ally Rico the Robot to prove that humans and robots can work together. Tap into Getty Images’ global-scale, data-driven insights and network of over 340,000 creators to create content exclusively for your brand. Power Rangers Megaforce is the twentieth season of the long-running American children’s television program Power Rangers. The show is produced by SCG Power Rangers and began airing on Nickelodeon on February 2, 2013. The show was part of the Power Rangers 20th anniversary. Kidscreen reported that Megaforce will feature “the return of many historic Rangers.” Megaforce uses footage, costumes and props from the Japanese Super Sentai Series Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Allen N, Schwartz D, Sood AR, Mendelssohn D, Verrelli M, Tanna G, Schiff J, Komenda P, Rigatto C, Sood MM. . Perceived barriers to guidelines in peritoneal dialysis. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation. Lange BD, Schwartz D, Da Roza G, Gair R. Use of intravenous lipid emulsion to reverse central nervous system toxicity of an iatrogenic local anesthetic overdose in a patient on peritoneal dialysis.

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Knowledge management goes beyond simply keeping explicit documents and providing data mining and search facilities. It must also provide the infrastructure where people can readily collaborate and combine explicit knowledge with their tacit knowledge to create new knowledge or to carry out their work more effectively. Furthermore such collaboration must be an intrinsic part of any business process rather than a process on its own. This paper defines the general environment of knowledge management within distributed business processes and the kinds of computer systems to support it. It then describes a way of analyzing knowledge needs followed by an implementation. Forzley B, Lee E, Chiu H, Djurdjev O, Martinusen D, Carson R, Hargrove G, Levin A, Karim M. External validation and clinical utility of prediction model for 6-month mortality in patients undergoing hemodialysis for end-stage kidney disease. Palliative medicine. Through 1993. Twelve clusters were uncovered consisting of six major areas of DSS research and six contributing disciplines . This study concludes that artificial intelligence has made important contributions to the development of foundational concepts, model management, and multiple criteria decision support systems. The present work is one of the areas currently being delivered as part of the European IST consortium called Co-OPERATE. The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. 2021, in press .

Coresh J, Levey AS, Levin A, Stevens P. . A stable definition of chronic kidney disease improves knowledge and patient care. Maruyama A, Hussaini T, Partovi N, Erb SR, Azalgara VM, Zalunardo N, Pick N, Hull M, Yoshida EM. Successful treatment of hepatitis C with Simeprevir, Sofosbuvir, and Ribavirin in an HIV coinfected liver transplant patient with advanced chronic kidney disease. Canadian journal of infectious diseases & medical microbiology.4. Mehrotra A, Rose C, Pannu N, Gill J, Tonelli M, Gill JS. The incidence and consequences of acute kidney injury in kidney transplant recipients. Am J Kidney Dis. 2012 Jan 4. Levin, A, Perry, T, De Zoysa, P, Sigrist, MK, Humphries, K, Tang, M, Djurdjev, O. A randomized control trial to assess the impact of vitamin D supplementation compared to placebo on vascular stiffness in chronic kidney disease patients. Bmc Cardiovascular Disorders, 14. When learning from very large databases, the reduction of complexity is of highest importance. We highlight the advantages of combining attribute value discretization with rough set theory to find a subset of attributes that lets the KDD process discover more useful patterns. We present the evaluation of such approach by providing results from the application of a classification algorithm to various public domain datasets. Transplant Infectious Disease. October 2012.

Fertility Preservation and Breast Cancer

The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2012 Dec; 46. Bevilacqua M, Er L, Copland M, Singh S, Jamal A, Dunne O, Brumby C, Levin A. Prevalence-based targets underestimate home dialysis program activity and requirements for growth. Peritoneal Dialysis International, In Press Feb 7, 2018. Levin A, Perkovic V, Wheeler D C, Hantel S, George J T, Von Eynatten M, Koitka-Weber A, Wanner C and on behalf of the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Investigators. CJASN September 2020. We acknowledge this land out of respect for the Indigenous nations who have cared for Turtle Island, also called North America, from before the arrival of settler peoples until this day. Most importantly, we acknowledge that the history of these lands has been tainted by poor treatment and a lack of friendship with the First Nations who call them home. The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, the recipient’s location , the seller’s processing time and location, and the delivery company. Actors/martial artists Danny Wayne, Walter Jones and Azim Rizk attend Young Variety’s 12th Annual Pool Tournament Benefiting Variety – The Children’s… More publications may be available in The Ottawa Hospital Library database. End-Stage renal disease and the Discontinuation of Dialysis. Scherer, A, Gunther, OP, Balshaw, RF, Hollander, Z, Wilson-McManus, J, Ng, R, McMaster, R, McManus, BM, Keown, PA. . Alteration of human blood cell transcriptome in uremia. Bmc Medical Genomics, 6. Evaluating a new international risk prediction tool in IgA Nephropathy. JAMA Intern Med. April 2019.

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