The City will also provide a regular and satisfactory collection of Type II Garbage provided that this Type II Garbage is in an acceptable container and placed at the intersection of a public road. 2.1 The City shall provide, to all dwellings a regular and satisfactory collection of Type I and Type II Garbage provided that this garbage is in an acceptable format. 1.18. Recycling means the collection of Type II garbage for the purpose of processing and reusing the waste material in a useful fashion and specifically, for the purpose of this By0Law recycling shall mean that process of collection as undertaken by the City of Clarence-Rockland.

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11) Where because of frost penetration on the street it may be expedient to allow the consumer to run water at a continuous rate to prevent freezing the service pipe, the treasurer shall estimate the quantity of water and shall authorize such usage and shall adjust the billing to conform with normal consumption for the property. 10.1 Any person violating any of the provisions of this By-law either by doing any act forbidden or by failing to do any act required by this By-Law is guilty of an offence and on conviction shall be liable to a penalty pursuant to the Provincial Offences Act. 9.1.1 dispose approved waste at the Municipal Landfill Site in an area designated as being suitable for the reception of such waste, and in particular shall not dispose waste at the gate or entrance of the landfill site or anywhere else in the City of Clarence-Rockland. The council may from time to time prescribe by resolution rates or charges for the use of the landfill site and provide for terms of payment thereof. 6.1 The resident of every dwelling shall ensure that the placing of items for collection shall be done in conformity with this By-Law. Notwithstanding the above, every owner of a rental property shall be jointly responsible with the tenant to ensure that the provisions of this By-Law are adhered to. Where any matter or material is removed in accordance with section 5 of this by-law, it may be immediately disposed of by the municipal law enforcement officer. The provisions of this by-law shall be administered and enforced by the municipal law enforcement officer.


16.3 When there is a change of ownership or location for a business, the licensee is required to complete an application for a new license including submission of all documentation required for a new license as outlined in this by-law and pay the license fee as outlined in the current fee by-law. Any person who contravenes any provision of this By-law shall be liable to pay the City an Administrative Monetary Penalty, upon issuance of a penalty notice in accordance with the City of Clarence-Rockland Administrative Monetary Penalties System By-law, as may be amended from time to time. No person shall place water in a swimming pool or cause or permit water to remain in the swimming pool if the required swimming pool fence is not completely constructed in compliance with the requirements in this by-law. The Chief Building Official shall issue a permit for a swimming pool fence where the plans submitted appear to comply with all applicable regulations and the requirements of the by-law have been met. Any swimming pool fence permit issued by the Chief Building Official shall expire 18 months after its issuance. Every swimming pool shall be enclosed by a swimming pool fence which is of sturdy construction, capable of preventing unauthorized entry. Any fence which predominantly consists of horizontal face boards, planks, or panels, installed between any vertical posts, shall not be permitted to have any openings greater than 2 cm between the face boards, planks, or panels, for any portion of the fence below the height of 1.15 m measured from ground level.

The City will endeavor to achieve best value in its procurement of goods and/ or services. With this in mind, the City will not be bound to procure goods and/ or services based upon Canadian content. 23.6 In a Request for Standing Offer, the expected quantity of the specified goods or services to be purchased over the time period of the agreement will be as accurate an estimate as practical and be based, to the extent possible, on previous usage adjusted for any known factors that may change usage. 23.5 Where purchasing action is initiated by a department for frequently used goods or services for which a standing offer is in place and the value of the purchasing action exceeds $2,500, it is to be made with the supplier or suppliers listed in the standing offer. 23.3 To establish prices and select sources, the Supply Department shall employ the provisions contained in this By-law for the acquisition of goods, services and construction. The Manager of Supply is authorized to conduct a Request for Expression of Interest or a Request for Information. A Request for Expression of Interest or Request for Information may be conducted as a preliminary step before a Request for Tender, Request for Quote, Request for Proposal or a Pre-Qualification process. 20.2 If in-house bids are considered the City must advise all potential suppliers in the bid documents that in-house departments will be permitted to submit bids. 20.1 In-house bids are a process that allows for internal staff to compete with external entities for procurement opportunities. 14.2 For more complex bid solicitations, more than 15 working days should be considered. 13.6 Surplus assets shall not be sold directly to an employee or to a member of Council, although this does not prohibit any employee or member of Council from purchasing surplus assets being sold through a public process. 13.4 Surplus assets must be sold by sealed bid or public auction through the, municipal website or any other online classified site.

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No person shall fail to keep, have, or maintain a swimming pool fence in accordance with this by-law. No owner of a pool shall place or store any materials against the outside of a swimming pool fence. No person shall have or keep a swimming pool that is not completely enclosed by a swimming pool fence, in accordance with this by-law. No person shall construct or cause to be constructed a swimming pool which is not completely enclosed by a swimming pool fence, in accordance with this by-law. 6.6.No pool permit will be issued by the city until such time as the final grading inspection of the property has been completed and approved by the City Engineer. Every gate on a swimming pool fence shall be equipped with a self-closing device and a self-latching device.

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25 as amended. Except for emergency situations, any changes to traffic and parking signs within the city of Clarence-Rockland shall be reported to and approved by the municipal council and such changes shall be in compliance with the present by-law and with established procures. No person shall park or leave a motor vehicle in a public parking area in a parking space reserved persons with disabilities and identified by authorized signs unless a valid accessible parking permit is visibly displayed on its dashboard or on the sun visor in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act. Every owner or operator shall ensure that services provided by an entertainer, other then a body rubber, are provided without obstruction such as doors, walls, curtains or any other enclosure, which obstruction interferes with the view of any person, including a peace officer, police officer and a municipal law enforcement officer. No person shall park or stop a motor vehicle or permit a motor vehicle to remain parked or stopped on a property of the corporation in an area designated by sign as a loading zone, except for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading thereon or unloading there from, passengers, freight or merchandise. No person shall park or permit a vehicle to remain parked on a highway contrary to the permitted maximum duration during the times and days identified on official or authorized signs. No person shall obstruct, or hinder the entry for the inspection of any adult entertainment parlour or any part thereof by any peace officer, municipal law enforcement officer, police officer or medical officer of health. Any peace officer, municipal law enforcement officer or police officer may require a licensee to produce the license, records or any other documents required to be maintained pursuant to this by-law for the purpose of determining whether such person is validly licensed under this by-law, or whether this by-law is being contravened. Every licensed adult entertainment operator shall produce his or her license for inspection when so requested by the municipal law enforcement director, provincial police or any other peace officer.